We start building capability by LISTENING...

We start building capability by LISTENING...

...to fully understand your NEEDS.

We Know Procurement

We know, from decades of experience, that frequent, clear communication is the key to a successful capability improvement experience. We are driven by a passion to fully understand your context and add value by helping to place procurement at the heart of business.

Our Vision

"To codify and store procurement best practice."


To make procurement best practice accessible and useful to the worlds organizations


To enable organizations to fully realize the considerable opportunities that exist for increased added value and improved corporate performance through effective management of procurement and the supply chain. This means:

  • Identifying and developing the collective competency for your procurement organization
  • Identifying, advising and enabling the removal of organizational barriers to success
  • Developing the procurement organization so it can reach its full potential

Values & Beliefs

We passionately believe organizations must excel in procurement regardless of the economic climate – Upturn or Downturn.

Our services, based upon our observations around the world and the conclusions they lead to, are designed to assert procurement’s fundamental role in business and what must be done to position it there.

We recognize that not all CPO’s and procurement leaders are in this fortunate position, but are battling to get there, day in – day out. Others know that once such a position is attained, then standing still is not an option.

Through our values we pay the PRICE ….

  • People:

    Work openly and honestly to meet the client objective.

  • Results:

    Deliver measurable results against the client objectives.

  • Innovation:

    To help our clients stay ahead of their competitors.

  • Client:

    Put our clients first, and demonstrate quality not declare it.

  • Ethics:

    Our activities must withstand public scrutiny at all times.

We believe that competency can only occur within the context of the organization in which it is practiced. For this reason:

Process & Methodology-Based

We are committed to the practical application of procurement best practice. All of our methods and tools are derived from our experience, research and findings that have been demonstrated in real life environments and through years of application. We developed the CPP Excellence House to define the components of excellence in procurement which can be applied in all organizations irrespective of sector or industry.

Environment View

We view capability development as something that occurs through the application of many factors and not as an isolated training event. People develop based on the interactions with their environment over time and cannot be viewed as a separate entity without influences or influence. Because of this, we built a unique framework to identify procurement context in the CPP Context wheel in which we develop the CPP Arena for Excellence.

Build Organizational Capability

We support the old adage that “it is no use sending a changed person back into an unchanged organization”. Therefore, we seek to build capability at an organizational level, develop people capable of executing in new and better ways. Our commitment is to real change in how organizations function and we have built a unique approach to competency management in procurement


In Safe Hands

Our Partners

Purchasing Practice only partners with select leaders in their field of expertise. We do this with the sole objective of combining our joint expertise in a way that delivers new knowledge and capability to the procurement agenda.

If you are interested in partnering with us, contact us and let us know how you believe we can add value together.

We are proud to call the following organizations our partners: