Introducing the iProcure Platform

The iProcure Platform by Purchasing Practice is a cloud based capability and bench strength development solution designed to assess the capability of your team and help organizations like yours build procurement capability.

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iProcure Hire

Strategic Candidate Selection:

Compare each candidate.

Benchmark against existing high performers.

Benchmark against existing team or role.

iProcure DNA

Strategic Development Needs Assessment:

Identify the competencies that matter.

Detailed reporting at the sub-competency level.

Cost effective data collection and analysis for large numbers of participants.

iProcure Bench

Track Bench Strength Across the Entire Organization:

Aggregated reporting against competencies, individuals roles, teams etc.

Plan succession development.

Puts the controls in the hands that need it to increase employee engagement.

Start building teams

Strategically today

Procurement Assessments in the iProcure Platform

Business Benefits:

100% objective – no subjective analysis, self-assessment or opinions: Just credible, reliable and equitable results

Procurement Assessments in the iProcure platform allows organizations to measure procurement capability across their entire business at a competency and sub-competency level for more accurate targeting. Once the data is collected, iProcure DNA will generate a skills gap analysis across multiple dimensions to enable the development of precisely targeted training and development programs around the critical competencies for your business.

When combined with iProcure Bench, the benefits are increased further; with real-time aggregated data that allows you to understand truly the collective competency of your bench. Picking your team is 90 percent of the battle – the iProcure platform helps you hire, promote, and develop the right people for your business.

CPP’s iProcure platform brings the data together where you need it. On your desktop. It enables managers to make the connection with the core financial, human resource, and operational goals that guide decision making.

iProcure provides market leading analytics and reporting to your desktop

iProcure provides market leading analytics and reporting to your desktop

Using its potential for employee engagement and collaboration enables organizations to shift their focus from the individualist view, towards a collectivist view focused on the development of collective competence to build increased overall performance and productivity.

Start Building Your Procurement Capability Today

Our results are consistent and scalable. Companies choosing to work with us will increase effectiveness and business impact. We will review and analyze your capabilities in iProcure, and assemble key data points to help you make an actionable plan for your business strategy. For more information, visit the Purchasing Assessments website, or simply contact us for a free no obligation demo and full brochure details.