The Twin Arenas of Procurement Excellence

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The Twin Arenas of Procurement Excellence The procurement profession has long striven for excellence to increase its role and stature within the organization. Herein, we provide insight into ‘The Twin Arenas of Procurement Excellence. Our framework to achieve leadership in procurement and supply management. Procurement Excellence – Does excellence matter? Excellence is no accident. Furthermore, world-class organizations operate and perform … Read More

Planning Your Procurement University or Academy


Planning Your Procurement University or Academy Planning Your Procurement University or Academy? We offer guidance around three critical pillars for sustaining a Procurement University as a viable part of your business. 1. Strategy Setting The process of setting a strategy helps you to remain true to your values and on-track to achieve your objectives. Its purpose, is to demonstrate how … Read More

Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments


Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments The benefits of procurement skills assessments in corporations is that they provide a quick and cost-effective method to collect and centralize your skills data globally. Quickly identify between employees’ current skills and future state needs and where to prioritize development to maximize return on investment. Formalize your Critical Competencies When done correctly, your competency framework … Read More

Procurement University Brand Experience


Value creation by generating results Training & Development contribute to an organizations value creation by generating results. It is, therefore, essential that stakeholders and participants perceive how crucial, lifelong learning is for them. Their experiences inevitably shape their perceptions. Experiences provide added value to the individual when the following conditions occur: the intellect and senses are fulfilled by it they … Read More

Procurement & Supply Chain Competency Assessment


What is the Desired Outcome of Assessing Procurement Competencies? The desired outcome of Competency assessment is to gain a realistic view of whether your team has the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high performance of their role-based tasks consistently. Why is Assessing Procurement Competencies Important? Assessment of procurement competencies is an essential component of both employee and career development … Read More

Making Category Management Successful

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Making Category Management Successful Making Category Management Successful is a priority for successful companies worldwide. They work relentlessly to integrate category management business-wide to achieve and sustain success. Here we offer six requirements for making category management successful: 1. Flexibility Recognizing it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach is one key to making category management successful. So it … Read More

Making Category Management a priority:

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Making Category Management a priority To make Category Management a priority, executive teams must provide backing in terms of financial investment, physical resources and visible involvement. We provide 5 steps to making category management a priority in your business: 1. Create a vision, strategy,  business case & ROI: A clear vision for enterprise-wide adoption. Incorporation of key principals Credible business … Read More

The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances

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Aligning CFO and CPO strategy to manage  organisational debt The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances. A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s to improve liquidity, credit ratings and borrowing capacity What’s in it for you? Strengthen balance sheet and finance fundamentals Reading time: 10 minutes 1. Introduction: As many industries still struggle to find indicators pointing towards sustainable economic recovery, … Read More

Collective procurement team capability?

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If you can’t measure collective procurement team capability – are you really capable? With more powerful skills assessment tools available today, businesses are increasingly incorporating them as a part of their development programs, to adopt a more strategic, data driven approach approach to capability development focused on understanding collective procurement team capability rather than just individual capability. CPO’s wouldn’t dream of … Read More

Procurement Skills Tracking and Performance Improvement

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Skills Tracking in iProcure Lets CPO’s Measure Bench Strength Procurement Skills Tracking and Performance Improvement in iProcure allows Managers to identify employees with the right skills for a Job and make informed decisions on recruiting, developing, and promoting. Imagine that you need a Category Manager at the other end of the country or thousands of miles away on a different … Read More