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Content Matters

All courses link with CIPS accredited and globally recognized qualifications in procurement and supply supporting both skills training and the MCIPS syllabus. It provides the most comprehensive body of procurement and supply learning materials available, with interactive questions, case studies, scenarios and quizzes to check your understanding and application of the material.

A Global Standard

The only e-Learning content aligned to a global standard for Procurement & Supply Management

Skills Training

Competency Based e-Learning for effective skills training


Level Based e-Learning to prepare for professional accreditation


More than 250 hours of e-learning content aligned to a global standard in Procurement & Supply

Case Studies

Real life case studies and procurement scenarios to put learning into practice


Test your understanding with interactive quizzes and test

Your Online e-Learning Academy

Your e-Learning academy operates anyplace, anytime, anywhere on most devices.

Browse or search content via our catalog or follow individual learning programs for a range of development options for which you can plan and track activity for Continuing Professional Development reporting.

Business Benefits

  • Flexible:

    Learning at individual’s own pace and at a time to suit work demands

  • Accessible:

    Courses can be accessed anywhere; at work, home or while travelling

  • Cost-effective:

    High valuelearning and knowledge development

  • Engaging:

    Interactive features bring learning alive

  • Consistent:

    All learners access the same information creating common meaning from consistency

  • Easy to use:

    User-friendly and interactive with built in assessment to support understanding

  • Reporting:

    Trackable progress from detailed management information

  • Drives performance:

    Turn knowledge into action

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