Buyers Meeting Point Reviews iProcure Assessment

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Buyers Meeting Point reviews the Purchasing Practice iProcure Assessment with a positive thumbs up, concluding:

We often talk about the need for procurement to become more strategic. But the discourse is often no more detailed than that. This assessment provides an excellent opportunity to get the conversation started, and make meaningful capability improvement a real opportunity.

BMP highlighted the following attributes:

  1. A procurement skills assessment for procurement professionals and organizations with a strategic focus.
  2. The structure of the assessment is extremely flexible, clients can select anything from one to any number of competencies to identify the knowledge and capability requirements of each person/role.
  3. Easy to manage progress and analyze results, which are available immediately after completing the assessment.
  4. They can be viewed online in a variety of formats or downloaded as a PDF.
  5. Managers can be given different levels of visibility to see the progress and results of their reports as individuals or collectively as a group.

you can read the review here