The three goals of strategic procurement

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The three goals of strategic procurement – CPO’s must contribute to three strategic goals if they are to influence overall corporate strategy The three goals of strategic procurement Procurement’s Golden Triangle Leading companies are pursuing cost leadership and growth to dominate their industries, and in doing so they create an infrastructure to do it sustainably. Apple is the often cited … Read More

Procurement Competency Modeling Removes Organizational Inertia

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Are your competencies destroying performance? We have always done it this way and see no need to change – we have all seen it, but CPP can help prevent it in your organization with Procurement Competency Modeling 1. Procurement Competency Modeling: Outdated competencies breed organizational inertia Procurement Competency Modeling is an initiative designed to align the skills, knowledge, and abilities … Read More

Procurement capability and operating model

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Is your procurement function set up for success? Procurement capability and operating model: Many procurement teams operate under an informal mandate that does not clearly articulate their accountability. In the absence of a capability model, the procurement function is fundamentally limited in its effectiveness. This is why we developed the CPP Procurement Capability Model: 1. Procurement capability and operating model … Read More