Strategic Outsourcing – Part 1

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Strategic Outsourcing Strategic Outsourcing: The ‘make or buy’ decision is still at the heart of business strategy A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s on developing a formal outsourcing strategy to support their core business goals What’s in it for you? Discover how to take control of outsourcing by developing a systematic outsourcing methodology as a core sourcing management tool … Read More

Thames Water & Efficio: Bold move or just anouther captive client?

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Thames Water’s £2.5bn procurement outsourcing deal with Efficio has received significant attention and has received praise for its boldness and innovative “integrated” model. The deal with Efficio outsources Thames Waters strategic and operational spend in a five-year contract to manage £500 million spend a year. Problem is (for me at least) Efficio had previously led an 18-month procurement transformation project … Read More

It's no longer a question of ‘should you outsource’, but why haven’t you outsourced?

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‘Its not should you outsource’ but why haven’t you outsourced? ‘Its not should you outsource’ but why haven’t you outsourced? – CPO’s must have an outsourcing strategy for their company – we provide some pointers to help you develop your outsourcing strategy. Before outsourcing any part of their organization, companies should answer questions like the following as part of a … Read More