Procurement & Supply Chain Competency Assessment

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What is the Desired Outcome of Assessing Procurement Competencies? The desired outcome of Competency assessment is to gain a realistic view of whether your team has the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver high performance of their role-based tasks consistently. Why is Assessing Procurement Competencies Important? Assessment of procurement competencies is an essential component of both employee and career development … Read More

Making Category Management a priority:

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Making Category Management a priority To make Category Management a priority, executive teams must provide backing in terms of financial investment, physical resources and visible involvement. We provide 5 steps to making category management a priority in your business: 1. Create a vision, strategy,  business case & ROI: A clear vision for enterprise-wide adoption. Incorporation of key principals Credible business … Read More

Collective procurement team capability?

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If you can’t measure collective procurement team capability – are you really capable? With more powerful skills assessment tools available today, businesses are increasingly incorporating them as a part of their development programs, to adopt a more strategic, data driven approach approach to capability development focused on understanding collective procurement team capability rather than just individual capability. CPO’s wouldn’t dream of … Read More

Talent management critical to CPO longevity on the job

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Failure to develop a world-class team a factor in shortened CPO longevity on the job Talent management critical to CPO longevity on the job – As procurement becomes increasingly strategic, focused on the long-term, and integrated within the business, talent management becomes a critical success factor for the CPO. Furthermore, in a recent report, a failure to develop talent at … Read More

The three goals of strategic procurement

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The three goals of strategic procurement – CPO’s must contribute to three strategic goals if they are to influence overall corporate strategy The three goals of strategic procurement Procurement’s Golden Triangle Leading companies are pursuing cost leadership and growth to dominate their industries, and in doing so they create an infrastructure to do it sustainably. Apple is the often cited … Read More

Procurement Competency Modeling Removes Organizational Inertia

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Are your competencies destroying performance? We have always done it this way and see no need to change – we have all seen it, but CPP can help prevent it in your organization with Procurement Competency Modeling 1. Procurement Competency Modeling: Outdated competencies breed organizational inertia Procurement Competency Modeling is an initiative designed to align the skills, knowledge, and abilities … Read More

Increase your procurement team’s productivity optimizing allocation of people to initiatives

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Capturing productivity gains in procurement at the company level to boost top and bottom lines Increase your procurement team’s productivity: We discuss how CPO’s can boost procurement productivity by utilizing todays advanced procurement talent analytics 1. Increase your procurement team’s productivity A universal problem CPO’s know that talent management is strategic (Figure 1), but sooner or later, every CPO faces … Read More

How to prepare procurement for true stakeholder buy-in and real transformation

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Organizational alignment holds the key to the boardroom door How to prepare procurement for true stakeholder buy-in: Whether you are a new CPO hired to transform procurement or an existing CPO looking to get true stakeholder buy-in, aligning procurement with the organization will be key to your success. 1. Preparation & Readiness Most CPO’s will understand the strategy to transform … Read More

Reduce hiring errors with procurement skills assessments

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Reduce hiring errors with procurement skills assessments Reduce hiring errors with procurement skills assessments: Hiring the wrong candidate can be expensive. There are not just the headline costs of advertising and agencies; but also the hidden costs of time to hire, induction and training, attrition costs for early leavers, the ramp up time to be productive. An Oxford Economics report … Read More

O Superman: Procurements Kryptonite

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Procurement needs a strong mandate not super developed soft skills Not a week goes by without a talent shortage headline resulting in a great deal of noise regarding the profile of the modern procurement skill set. Here we make the case for CPO’s to focus on securing a strong mandate. The focus on soft skills A common criticism is a … Read More