The Twin Arenas of Procurement Excellence

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The Twin Arenas of Procurement Excellence The procurement profession has long striven for excellence to increase its role and stature within the organization. Herein, we provide insight into ‘The Twin Arenas of Procurement Excellence. Our framework to achieve leadership in procurement and supply management. Procurement Excellence – Does excellence matter? Excellence is no accident. Furthermore, world-class organizations operate and perform … Read More

Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments


Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments The benefits of procurement skills assessments in corporations is that they provide a quick and cost-effective method to collect and centralize your skills data globally. Quickly identify between employees’ current skills and future state needs and where to prioritize development to maximize return on investment. Formalize your Critical Competencies When done correctly, your competency framework … Read More

Purchasing Skills Assessments: Get powerful superior results from your team

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Purchasing Skills Assessments: Get superior team results How can CPO’s and VP’s of HR find ways to motivate procurement teams and individual team members? The answer is simple: ‘Assessments’. One of the greatest challenges faced by CPO’s is the strategic personal development of their team in order to ensure effective use of their talent. To properly manage this important resource, … Read More