Developing Differentiated Negotiation Strategies

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Buyers must go beyond one trick negotiation strategies: Developing Differentiated Negotiation Strategies With much talk of buyers negotiating aggressively, we explain how buyers can adopt appropriate negotiating behavior, by developing differentiated negotiation strategies. When reading articles such as this one in Forbes, you would think that buyers don’t have the knowledge or the tools to negotiate more strategically. But what … Read More

Proactively influence business goals and priorities with e-enabled sourcing

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Shape the agenda, deliver against strategic and tactical goals with e-enabled sourcing Cost reduction is still one of the main drivers of e-enabled sourcing, but opportunities for competitive advantage also come from increasing spend visibility and reducing risk as well as improving supply chain responsiveness. 1. Introduction E-Enabled sourcing has become a significant differentiator between leaders and laggards between today’s … Read More

Creating e-Sourcing Strategies for successful e-Auctions

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Creating e-Sourcing Strategies for successful e-Auctions Creating e-Sourcing Strategies for successful e-Auctions: We guide you the issues to assist procurement professionals work through the key issues in determining their e-Sourcing Strategy. Compared to the actual running of the Event, picking a suitable category and how to engage the market can be one of the most challenging decisions. Reverse auctions can … Read More

Procurement Savings: Show me the money

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Procurement Savings: Show me the money Discover the missing link to improved bottom line performance through cost transparency and control. Procurement Savings: Show me the money – A guide to turn data into intelligence to secure the bottom-line-savings to drive improved financial performance, greater control and reduced risk. 1. Introduction: Despite all the talk of moving beyond cost savings, the … Read More

Why the contract goes with the RFP

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Why the contract goes with the RFP Why the contract goes with the RFP – It is surprising that with the progression from traditional tendering, to Strategic Sourcing and Category Management in many organizations that we still find the practice of issuing RFP’s without the buyers required terms and conditions widespread. This is because these organizations have introduced the tools … Read More

A Guide to Global Sourcing

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A Guide to Global Sourcing for Competitive Advantage A Guide to Global Sourcing for competitive advantage – A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s, and CPO’s, on how global sourcing can contribute to  business objectives for sustainable competitive advantage   What’s in it for you? Improved sourcing effectiveness and value from your supply base Reading time: 15 minutes 1. Introduction: Global sourcing has become … Read More

Strategic Outsourcing – Part 1

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Strategic Outsourcing Strategic Outsourcing: The ‘make or buy’ decision is still at the heart of business strategy A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s on developing a formal outsourcing strategy to support their core business goals What’s in it for you? Discover how to take control of outsourcing by developing a systematic outsourcing methodology as a core sourcing management tool … Read More

Procurement 2.0 – and other labels?

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Procurement 2.0 – and other labels? Procurement 2.0 – and other labels? With the continued introduction of new procurement labels and attention seeking headlines we argue that procurement leaders must retain focus on building capability: Over on the Procurement Leaders blog Neil Deverill uses the term Procurement 2.0: “Where basic procurement typically exists in siloed organisations with poor internal communication … Read More

Sourcing Process Under Pressure

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Sourcing Process Under Pressure Last week SM reported on a new sense of urgency in public procurement. The European Commission called on buyers to use an existing “accelerated procedure”, to cut tendering times by 57 days and as a result help deliver major projects faster. The purpose is to improve the economy by helping suppliers win business quicker, something that … Read More