Developing Differentiated Negotiation Strategies

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Buyers must go beyond one trick negotiation strategies: Developing Differentiated Negotiation Strategies With much talk of buyers negotiating aggressively, we explain how buyers can adopt appropriate negotiating behaviour, by developing differentiated negotiation strategies. When reading articles such as this one in Forbes, you would think that buyers don’t have the knowledge or the tools to negotiate more strategically. But what … Read More

Proactively influence business goals and priorities with e-enabled sourcing

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Shape the agenda, deliver against strategic and tactical goals with e-enabled sourcing Cost reduction is still one of the main drivers of e-enabled sourcing, but opportunities for competitive advantage also come from increasing spend visibility and reducing risk as well as improving supply chain responsiveness. 1. Introduction E-Enabled sourcing has become a significant differentiator between leaders and laggards between today’s … Read More

The Brave CPO: Mastering Collaboration

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Collaborations strategic value proposition can unlock the door to innovation and sustainable growth, CEO’s and CPO’s must turn the key A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s on how procurement can play a lead role in partner collaboration to secure a sustainable competitive advantage What’s in it for you? Discover why developing a collaborative capability will support sustainable growth and … Read More

A Guide to Global Sourcing

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A Guide to Global Sourcing for Competitive Advantage A Guide to Global Sourcing for competitive advantage – A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s, and CPO’s, on how global sourcing can contribute to  business objectives for sustainable competitive advantage   What’s in it for you? Improved sourcing effectiveness and value from your supply base Reading time: 15 minutes 1. Introduction: Global sourcing has become … Read More

Procurement Savings Contribute to Alcoa Surprise Profit

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4/10/2012 5:45 PM ET (RTTNews) – Aluminum producer Alcoa, Inc. (AA: News ) said Tuesday after the markets closed that its first quarter profit fell 69% from last year, as higher costs and expenses more than offset a small increase in revenue. However, the company’s quarterly earnings surprised Wall Street analysts who were expecting the company to report a loss … Read More

Sourcing & vendor management: A key driver in customer experience

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In their quest to seek out the root causes of customer experience issues, companies often overlook the impact of sourcing and vendor management (SVM) professionals — often referred to as “procurement” by the rest of the organization. That’s too bad, because these decision-makers influence the customer experience in two key ways. read more

Best of the ‘Buying Magician’ 2010: Part 2

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In our first ‘best of’ –  a four part review of our thoughts and comments in 2010. Here in part 2 we profile ‘Innovation & Technology’ Part 2: Innovation & Technology CPO’s: Don’t miss the innovation opportunity Procurement has achieved great things with the strategic sourcing process. It provided a uniform, robust approach to sourcing which senior management and stakeholders … Read More

SRM: The Emporor's CPO's new clothes?

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SRM: The CPO’s new clothes? SRM: The CPO’s new clothes? “When the economic tide goes out, you find out who is swimming naked.” – Warren Buffet.   SRM: The CPO’s new clothes? This famous quote came to mind this week as I reviewed some recent articles, and leads me to conclude the CPO is wearing new clothes in the form … Read More

Linking SRM to Open Innovation

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Linking SRM to Open Innovation Linking SRM to Open Innovation – described: “Three Levels of Open Innovation Maturity”. It show’s the close correlation between SRM and Innovation and describes three levels of maturity: Level 1: Externally Aware: Level 1 companies recognize that external ideas and capabilities are valuable in the innovation process. They partner with suppliers and customers throughout … Read More