Avatar comes to procurement?

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Avatar comes to procurement? One topic grabbed my attention recently while I was engaged in a discussion over on the Purchasing Practice LinkedIn group covering the future of procurement: the issue of holding supplier meetings in virtual game/life simulation Second Life. A quick Google search highlighted impressive organisations such as Intel, IBM and Schneider Electric using Second Life for workplace … Read More

Clear direction needed for procurement’s future

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SM reported AXA CPO Heinz Schaeffer’s view that procurement would become a centre for “spend intelligence” but was hindered by a lack of suitable talent. While I share this view in part, there are several key points that need to be addressed by CPOs everywhere if procurement is to reach its full potential: What is Procurements End Game? There does … Read More

Ikea Brand Management 101 – Look after your staff

Dave HenshallCSR

The man who wants to turn Ikeas pleasant well groomed image on its head is Johan Stenebo. Stenebo, who has working at Ikea more than 20 years, left the company nine months ago after disputes with the management. Now he has written a tell-all book, “Sanningen om Ikea” (“The Truth About Ikea”), that has attracted much attention in Sweden. In … Read More

Are Corporate HR Practices Stifling Innovation?

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Reading an interesting article by Professor William A. Fischer at the IMD Institute on creating virtuoso teams, brought my mind back to innovation in corporations, something I wrote about last month ( here) Professor Fischers article raised a question I have pondered many times – “are corporate HR practices stifling innovation?” Modern recruitment practices put candidate through a range of … Read More

Planning for Growth This Hiring Season?

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After winding down for the summer, the silly season is over and its time to start planning your resources for the challenges 2010 will bring. Like most companies, the economic downturn may have forced you to cut back your procurement staff, and you very likely may have lost some star performers. The first few weeks of September can be critical … Read More

Network Capable’ Buyers Needed:

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Network Capable Buyers Needed: Network Capable Buyers Needed: “Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between the level of supply management networking and the performance of the supply chain—and ultimately the business”?   1. Key notable points from the report: Supply management’s ability to prove its strategic relevance and impact on corporate performance depends on its degree of integration. However, other functions … Read More