The strategic role of e-learning in procurement

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The strategic role of e-learning in procurement

We look at the strategic role of e-Learning in procurement and why e-learning adoption in procurement training can contribute to the strategic objectives of the organization.

The pace of market change represents a particular challenge for today’s organizations, who need to provide continuous learning to employees to avoid the dangers of being out-thought and out-maneuvered by competitors. Skills gaps in the procurement team result in ever decreasing, levels of productivity and reduces their ability to deliver results, which can be damaging to organizational competitiveness.

One way to stay on top of this challenge is to implement a business strategy that maximizes the synergies between continuous learning and employee productivity. Such an approach requires appropriate technology support to be effective. E-learning can provide the answers with excellent results in a short timeframe.

e-Learning as a part of your Procurement Strategy:

Within a context of continuous learning, e-learning is strategic because it:

1. Keeps your employees apprised of their job requirements, and development needs, enabling them to make a positive impact
2. Enables your organization to achieve its goals and objectives
3. Aids succession planning
4. Helps workers to acquire the knowledge and skills to help them progress their careers
5. Delivers more for less, to keep training budgets under tighter control, develop and retain existing employees
6. Reduces costs related to recruitment, selection, and on-boarding.

A training plan for every member of your procurement team:

Ideally, every company should have a plan in place for each of their employees. A best practice approach is to conduct a formal skills assessment in a tool like iProcure, to identify skills gaps and develop a plan to reduce the gaps identified. This plan should ideally, set out career development paths and the required training programs that will enable the employees to develop the necessary knowledge and skills.

e-learning benefits in procurement:

Simply put, it addresses today’s critical business drivers – it’s green, it’s scalable, it’s sustainable, it saves money, it’s mobile, and most importantly—it works. Therefore, reducing the need for expensive instructor-led training.

This is why we provide experiential e-learning, which offers so many advantages for today’s corporate learning leaders.

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