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Demonstrate Procurement Excellence – Get a globally recognized award for your organization with CPP

What is it?

CIPS Procurement Excellence Program is the only independent, comprehensive and procurement specific benchmark of its kind.

It is an indepth benchmark process that measures your procurement function against CIPS world-class standards across five dimensions:

Universally Applicable Dimensions

These five dimensions are essential facets of all organizations, no matter who and where you are, and what you do. The whole process aims to ensure that you are operating efficiently and effectively, and can drive constant improvement.

What Are The Benefits:

Demonstrate to investors and stakeholders that your procurement is run effectively

  • In safe hands:

    Ensuring that you have key enablers in place for effective governance gives you the confidence and peace of mind that you can achieve supply assurance and compliance.

  • Credibility:

    Working towards a specific award tells the world, and your stakeholders, that you are operating effectively, building your reputation and ensuring greater recognition of, and confidence in, the procurement function.

  • Influence:

    Increasing your credibility results in increasing your influence, builds procurement’s role giving you more input into business decisions and greater control over spend.

  • Value:

    Examining your procurement and supplier management practices in detail builds a competitive edge by highlighting where improvements can be made, helping you to deliver savings and value, and drive change.

  • Relationships:

    The Procurement Excellence Program journey engages and empowers your team, building morale, strengthens your relationships with stakeholders, and helps attract and retain talent.

Standard Program

The Standard program is about ‘what’ you do

Achieving the Standard Award is the first level on your journey to increasing levels of excellence in procurement. It signifies that you have all the procurement governance mechanisms in place for effective supply assurance and compliance.

Provides an opportunity to review your policies and practices against the ever more demanding CIPS standards which must be achieved before qualifying for the Advanced Program.

Successful completion of the program will result in the Standard Award.

Advanced Program

The Advanced program is about ‘how well’ you do it.

There are three levels of Advanced award:

Once you have achieved the Standard Award you can chose to continue to advance your level of procurement excellence, aiming for one of three levels of award, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level is an independent internal and external demonstration of how your organization manages its Procurement and Supply management function.

At Advanced level, as well as benchmarking against the five dimensions, a 360° perception survey is carried out with key stakeholders and peers to help you understand and focus on what matters to them.

Successful completion will result in either Silver, Gold, or Platinum Award based on the evidence provided.

CIPS Award Levels


Standard Award

Effective Governance


Silver Award

Pro-active business supporter


Gold Award

Strategic value adder


Platinum Award

Strategic value creator

All of the Awards are valid for two years and reflect increasing levels of involvement, control and influence.

Success Stories

So far, more than 300 organizations around the world have worked with CIPS to evaluate and improve their procurement and supply functions through the Procurement Excellence Program process. It has fast become the ‘must have’ way to:

  • Focus on evaluating procurement performance.
  • Drive improvement and value, and provide the rationale and framework for transformational change.
  • Achieve an independent, respected award, to demonstrate improvement and performance to the world.

Working With You:

As Procurement Excellence Assessors, approved by CIPS, CPP carry out the assessments.

CPP Support:

Our role is to guide and support you through the process towards successful award by CIPS.

CPP Expertise:

We can also help you close any gaps, provide expertise and fill in-house resource constraints.

CPP assessors have a wealth of experience of procurement activity at both a strategic and operational level, and a strong knowledge of both private and public sector procurement.