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Procurement Competency Frameworks

What is a Competency Framework?

Competency Frameworks for Procurement

A well-defined Competency Framework for Procurement creates your blueprint for success. By providing an easy way to
measure if your team is acting skillfully and supporting the business goals, your competency framework defines what good looks like.

As a critical component of the competency management process, a competency framework for procurement allows
managers to identify, manage, and develop employee competencies. The approach aligns employees' skills and behaviours with the company's goals and helps create a competitive advantage for your organization.

Skills Management for Procurement Teams using role based standards

We will start where you are

We will start where you are whether you have a framework which needs updating, are starting from scratch, or want to adapt our standard framework

Procurement Competency Framework Critical Success Factors

Link to business goals

Analyze organizational strategy with emphasis on extracting Critical Success Factors

Determine Levels of Procurement Competency

Competency Levels

Determine levels of competence in the organization based on its strategy and hierarchy

Demonstrable behavioral indicators of competency

Performance Indicators

Produce a set of behavioural indicators for each competency level

Competency-based Job Profiles

Job Profile Review

Explore the need for mapping competency-based job profiles against existing JDs

Competency Framework Implementation

Framework Review

Submit, review, and finalize the framework based on feedback

Who Uses a Competency Framework for Procurement?

Our target market is large enterprises in any sector or organization looking to define what good procurement looks like in their business.

Business Benefits

Your Competency Framework for Procurement will define what good procurement looks like in your business and provide the strategic direction necessary to achieve your business goals

  • Provides a common language:

    It gives a common language to your procurement and talent management activities which remove subjectivity in the judgment of good, bad or excellent performance

  • Links goals to behaviors:

    Connects organizational goals with day-to-day behaviours and skills needed, which creates a unity of direction for employees on daily tasks and projects, development, and succession.

  • Creates the foundation for successful skills assessment:

    Identify measured skill gaps in employee competencies and use them to create highly targeted development initiatives.

  • Visibility:

    Provides transparency into your organization's capability — particularly when combined with assessment. If an the organization does not have a common understanding of good, bad and excellent, its judgment cannot be fair and leads to confused discontented employees.

  • Career Mapping:

    Provide a comprehensive roadmap for employee recruitment, development, career planning, employee succession, and other essential development aspects.

  • Drives Performance:

    Provides senior management with the basis for continuous improvement in performance through better management of the skills and competencies that drive business results.

Conduct a Strategy and Competency Audit

Your mission and vision may not have changed much in recent years, but ...

your strategic priorities have undoubtedly changed in the light of changing competitive conditions - make sure your competency framework stays current and aligned with your business priorities. The right Competency Framework for Procurement provides a powerful tool that adds real value to your business. It's time to audit yours!

Business Priorities and Competency Frameworks

Business Priorities

Does your competency framework set out the enabling behaviours that will support the achievement of those priorities and help you to recruit and develop the key capabilities needed in the coming 2 to 5 years?

Procurement Strategy and Competency Frameworks

Procurement Alignment

Does your competency framework accurately reflect the skills necessary to support the business goals and objectives? Are these accurately applied in your job role profile descriptions?

Talent Management and Competency Frameworks

HR Alignment

Does your competency framework support all of the various talent management practices in the organization, such as recruitment, development, performance management, and succession?

Create Your Competency Framework:

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