iProcure Skills Assessment:

The Global Standard for Procurement Skills Assessment.

Procurement Skills Assessment

Get more from your Procurement Skills Assessment Project

Rethink how your organization defines, manages and assesses critical competencies

Assessment in iProcure is a cloud-based solution. It supports fact-based decision-making to drive capability development goals that capture the value from procurement possible when teams have the skills necessary to contribute to business strategy.

Who Uses iProcure Assessments?

Our target market is organizations in any sector that are looking to take a snapshot of their procurement teams skills.

Use iPocure to establish a skills baseline, identify skills gaps against recognized professional standards, and inform future initiatives for your most important asset – your people. When your team completes an iProcure Assessment, you will get a comprehensive data set to make fact-based decisions.

iProcure Benefits:

Benefits of an iProcure Procurement Skills Assessment:

  • Validity: Aligned to recognized professional standards, tailored to your business needs
  • Equitability: 100% objective –no subjective analysis, self-assessment or opinions: Just credible, reliable and equitable results
  • Flexibility: Configuration to your organizations needs
  • Competencies: Visualizations of mission critical competencies
  • Reporting: Personalized and aggregated
iProcure Skills Assessment Benefits
Procurement Skills Assessment Baseline

Baseline Your Organizations Skill Profile

Using Procurement Skills Assessment

Assessment is an effective process to establish your teams skills baseline and execute workforce planning better and more efficiently. Our solution will provide visibility of your staff skills profiles against critical competencies. As a result, you can assign to initiatives your best employees based on their competencies more quickly and efficiently.

Inform Data Based Decisions

iProcure brings the data together where you need it - on your desktop. It enables managers to make the strategic connection with the core financial, human resource, and operational goals that guide decision making.

Procurement Skills Assessments Inform Data Based Decisions

Business Benefits:

  • Visibility of knowledge gaps
  • Skills self-awareness
  • Inform training and development goals
  • Inform skills management strategy and employee engagement tactics
Skills Assessment Business Benefits
Procurement Skills Assessment Global Apparel Company

Case Study:

Global Apparel Company

Lean how a Director of global procurement of a leading global apparel company used CPP to understand the development needs of his team.

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