Build capabilities that create and capture value while meeting the business challenges ahead.


Procurement’s Role is Rapidly Evolving

Changing competitive markets requires a forward-looking response to act differently. So the requirements of supply management output have changed, requiring new skills, processes, and measures of excellence. We provide skills management and advisory for procurement teams and can measure capability at the people and organization level.

Most organizations may find a gap measured against a global standard between what you’ve done in the past and what you need to do now. As a result, we design our services to help you identify and close gaps to create and capture value while meeting the business challenges ahead.

The CPP market is international. We serve organizations of any size and business sector to provide the insight, practical methodologies, and tools you need to build capability in procurement.

Build Capability through effective Skills Management

Skills Management and Advisory for Procurement Teams

CPP provides skill gap analysis, and skills management solutions, functional excellence assessments, training and development, and advisory.

Skills Gap Analysis

Purchasing Assessments

From individual to collective competency across your business-critical competencies. Identify skill gaps and development needs quickly

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Skills Management Solutions

Procurement Skills Management

Codify skills management accross the organization, build trust via transparency, collaboration via accessibility, and tackable results via action

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Procurement Excellence Programs

Procurement Excellence

Demonstrate excellence. Build capability, prestige, and influence both internally and externally to management, stakeholders, and investors

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Procurement Advisory from Experience


Access world-class expertise in procurement skills assessment, management, developing excellence, and purchasing practices

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Create Value

Value creation comes from competencies. Therefore, skills management is essential to value creation in determining bench strength and functional competency. It is also critical to executing current and proposed strategies.

We can help identify your bench strength and provide a clear picture of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Also, we can help you implement plans to close gaps and monitor progress over time.

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Competency based value creation

Capture Value with our Procurement Advisory

CPP also offer category management expertise and advanced procurement analytics and, e-sourcing solutions, together with good old-fashioned advice.

Category management captures breakthough results



Our expertise can help you implement or improve Category Management to capture breakthrough results

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Analytics solutions provide rapid procurement data to an actionable intelligence cycle for faster savings.

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All the power and
core e-Sourcing functionality that drives savings at an affordable price

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Capture savings faster using our expertise to identify and prioritize your cost reduction initiatives

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Procurement value capture process

Capture Value

Procurement aims to determine and capture value by engaging the supplier market in the most effective way extracted over time.

CPP can help you align your organization’s value needs with the best market and supplier solutions to maximize value gain and minimize costs and risk. We can provide proven processes and tools to deliver from opportunity identification, category management, sourcing, and relationship management.

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CPP Insights

Benefit from our extensive procurement experience through our consultancy service and start driving results that contribute to the top and bottom line.

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