Capture Value:


It’s all about breakthrough value creation

Capture Value with Category Management

Our Category Management process is a powerful method of managing categories of spend as strategic business plans, which feed actionable strategic sourcing project pipelines to produce improved business results. It is inclusive, exhaustive, fact based and encompasses the entire procurement cycle.


We can help you baseline your current situation and align category management to work with your business culture and goals.


We ensure you have the right governance, tools and templates in place to embed change and deliver the ROI to support the business case.


We help you develop capability and support you through defining and implementing your category management initiatives.

Process Assessment

We can conduct a review of internal processes using our Excellence House model as a framework. Reviews can be conducted with recommendations for improvement or if required we offer the option of Corporate Certification as proof of excellence, ranging from standard to advanced certification.

Category Management Skills Assessment:

Take a Deep Dive to identify the depth of your Category Management Knowledge

Our online assessment involves conducting a full capability assessment across a range of category management competencies, reporting performance immediately on your desktop.

Category Management Training

We can deliver world class training in category management using multiple deliver methods to optimize the training outcomes whilst minimizing your cost. We provide e-learning, virtual classroom, and classroom workshops to ensure your needs can be met wherever your people are.

Take a look at our Academy page for more information and details on our training.

Working with you

We can help you quantify the category management skills of your team, design and implement effective processes and governance to ensure alignment within the business for efficient execution, and train your team to implement effectively.

We can also conduct a full spend analysis to define a suitable category structure and conduct an opportunity assessment to drive your strategic sourcing program to deliver increased value and savings into the business.

The process works through cross functional engagement and participation to ensure optimum results delivery and successful implementation.