The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances

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Aligning CFO and CPO strategy to manage  organisational debt The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances. A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s to improve liquidity, credit ratings and borrowing capacity What’s in it for you? Strengthen balance sheet and finance fundamentals Reading time: 10 minutes 1. Introduction: As many industries still struggle to find indicators pointing towards sustainable economic recovery, … Read More

O Superman: Procurements Kryptonite

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Procurement needs a strong mandate not super developed soft skills Not a week goes by without a talent shortage headline appearing in the news resulting in a great deal of debate regarding the profile of the modern procurement skill set. In this post we make the case for CPO’s to focus on securing a strong mandate. The focus on soft … Read More

Measuring Procurements Financial Impact: RONA

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It is becoming increasingly important that procurement is able to measure and report its impact on company performance, using metrics the CFO will understand and accept. RONA or Return on Net Assets, is one such metric.   RONA, is a financial measure that helps to express the relationship between profit, sales, expenses and total assets. RONA demonstrates how a company … Read More

Procurements Place in the Value Chain

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Procurements Place in the Value Chain Procurements Place in the Value Chain – An interesting commentary from Spend Matters on procurement’s position in the supply chain which supports my own views (maybe that’s why I found it interesting). Namely, that procurement is the upstream part of the supply chain, where initial value is captured, whilst warehousing and distribution are downstream … Read More

Managing Procurement Through a Downturn:

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Managing Procurement Through a Downturn: Managing Procurement Through a Downturn – A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and purchasing leaders on Surviving the Tough Times though Procurement Excellence What’s in it for you? Create opportunities to out-manoeuvre your competitors by building sustainable competitive advantage, and prepare for the next growth phase. Reading time: 15 minutes Introduction: Economic downturns typically are accompanied … Read More

Buying a Stairway to Heaven

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“Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run.. there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”                                         From: Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeplin    CPO’s everywhere can learn from this line from the … Read More

Thames Water & Efficio: Bold move or just anouther captive client?

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Thames Water’s £2.5bn procurement outsourcing deal with Efficio has received significant attention and has received praise for its boldness and innovative “integrated” model. The deal with Efficio outsources Thames Waters strategic and operational spend in a five-year contract to manage £500 million spend a year. Problem is (for me at least) Efficio had previously led an 18-month procurement transformation project … Read More

Procurements Value Add: If not now – when?

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Procurement is now front & centre of the business world. So when will CEO’s place it at the centre of their business strategy?   If ever there were a set of conditions to emphasize the procurement functions strategic place in business and the modern world, it is the current maelstrom of recession, sovereign debt, gathering inflation, political revolution and natural … Read More

The Brave CPO: Which path will you take?

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The Brave CPO: Which path will you take? The Brave CPO: Which path will you take? The start of 2011 has seen a debate about procurement’s challenges as the combination of austerity drives and economic recovery converge.
Some commentators say the profession risks falling back into obscurity once the recovery really gathers pace. I share this concern, which was heightened by … Read More