Procurement Competency Frameworks

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Competency Framework Impact

Procurement Competency Frameworks

Procurement Competency Frameworks: Many businesses are yet to create a scale to measure their procurement team to define their critical success factors – competency. When there is no defined measure of competency it creates confusion and uncertainty about what good looks like and what is expected of people in their jobs. This is because there is no scale to measure competence by. A procurement competency framework provides a solution to the problem.

Do you have a scale to measure your procurement teams skills?

Procurement competency frameworks can be crucial in any change management process by setting out new organizational requirements. They should never be lifted from elsewhere and should be crafted for your organization, asking, “what does good look like to your business?”

Competency Framework Maturity Scale

Fig 1: Example Procurement Competency Framework Maturity Scale

The right competencies can offer your organization a competitive advantage – the wrong ones can send the an organization in the wrong direction or simply cause so much confusion that no one is sure of the way to go!

Example procurement competencies

Fig 2: Procurement Competency Framework example procurement competencies

Show your team what excellence looks like

A good Procurement Competency Framework enables an organization to achieve its strategic objectives, increase job satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover. Such a framework provides:

  • a tool based standard that every organization needs to ensure performance standards are objective, transparent, well-defined, and consistently applied
  • employees with clarity concerning the skills needed for their role and what they will need to develop for promotion.
  • leadership a tool to assess their workforce and build leadership bench strength and organizational sustainability.

Use it to make better decisions, act with confidence, perform at your peak, drive change in your organization, and aid career progression.

Procurement Competency Framework Maturity Impact

Fig 3: Example Procurement Competency Framework Maturity Impact

Chose your starting point

Whether you have a framework already which needs updating or are starting from scratch. CPP can help. Alternatively, we can adapt our standard Competency Framework with you and your project team.

Working with us

We work with you to develop a procurement competency model and implement your Procurement Competency Frameworks to support your organization’s focus on improving performance. A framework aligned to your business model and organizational culture supporting your strategic goals.

We develop job-role-specific competencies within your organization. They outline any technical expertise required and assess the depth and breadth of that skill and knowledge.

CPP can create a unique and robust competency framework for you, providing measurable criteria that support:

  • Recruitment – ensuring you get the skills and attributes to make a positive difference to your business.
  • Development – enabling your people to clearly understand how to progress their careers.
  • Performance Management – creating an appraisal process that measures the behaviors and skills you value.

We ensure that:

  • Your framework supports the business, and is simple to use.
  • Your competencies reflect the culture, and aspirations or the organization.
  • The competencies reflect recognized professional standards of excellence.
  • Employee’s understand what is expected of them in their role.

Your Benefits

  1. Tailor your competency framework to your organizations needs, including business and talent strategy guiding practice in recruitment, talent development, and performance management.
  2. A library of well-defined behaviors required in relevant competencies for each job role so employee’s have clarity about how they are expected to perform their jobs.
  3. Better training needs analysis help employees improve their performance and skills by accelerating training and development efforts. Especially, when combined with a data based skills gap analysis assessment.
  4. Improve ROI on every procurement initiative.
  5. Helps managers maximize their teams.


Competency-based procurement management is a performance management and development process aligned with the organization’s strategic direction. 

The process aims to.

  • Build a high-performing procurement organization with capabilities to proactively address business needs.
  • Communicate the competency scale and the criteria for the competent employee openly.
  • Provide a structure that links the needs of individuals with the needs of the organization.
  • Encourage every individual to be proactive in developing their skills, and equipping for higher roles.
  • Provide opportunities for every individual to identify and enhance strengths and reduce gaps.

In short it is a win-win for both the organization and the employee.

Nuff said…