5 Reasons to Conduct a Purchasing Skills Assessment:

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Employees and applicants vary widely in their knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, work styles, and other characteristics.  These differences systematically affect the way people perform or behave on the job.


5 Reasons to Conduct a Purchasing Skills Assessment:

5 Reasons to Conduct a Purchasing Skills Assessment: CPO’s and Organizations can use assessment tools and procedures to help them evaluate current and prospective members of their team when reviewing the following talent management functions:

1. Selection:

Organizations want to be able to identify and hire, fairly and efficiently, the best people for the job and the organization.  A properly developed and applied assessment tool may provide a way to select successful purchasing professionals.

2. Placement:

Organizations also want to be able to assign people to the appropriate job role. For example, an organization may have several procurement positions, each having a different level of responsibility.  Assessment may provide information that helps organizations achieve the best fit between employees and roles.

3. Training and development:

Assessments are used to find out whether employees have mastered training content.  They can help identify those applicants and employees who might benefit from either remedial or advanced training.  Information gained from testing can be used to design or modify training programs.  Assessment results also help individuals identify areas in which self-development activities would be useful.

4. Promotion:

Organizations may use assessments to identify employees who possess managerial potential or higher level capabilities, so that these employees can be promoted to assume greater duties and responsibilities.

5. Training Program evaluation:

Assessments may provide information that the organization can use to determine whether employees  are benefiting from training and development programs.

Some assessments can be used to predict employee and applicant job performance.  In assessment terms, whatever the assessment is designed to predict is called the criterion.  How well a test predicts a criterion is one indication of the usefulness of the test.

At Purchasing Practice we help you build and assessment strategy that will bring a clear understanding of the knowledge, skills, abilities, characteristics, or personal traits you want to measure.

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