Procurement: Greening the Machine

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Procurement: Greening the Machine Procurement: Greening the Machine – A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s on why procurement is a key capability in developing advantage via corporate social responsibility What’s in it for you? Improved risk and reputation management in your supply chain  Reading time: 15 minutes Peer pressure, tougher legislation, a rise in global sourcing combined with increased … Read More

Procurement Brand Development

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Procurement Brand Development “A brand is a promise. By identifying and authenticating a product or service it delivers a pledge of satisfaction and quality.” Walter Landor. Why does Procurement need a Brand? Procurement’s brand is arguably the CPO’s most valuable asset. Procurement’s brand is the totality of how its stakeholders see’s, talks about, and experiences it. CPO’s must therefore have … Read More

Procurement Must Be Strategic or Die

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Procurement Must Be Strategic or Die Procurement Must Be Strategic or Die – In a post, over on SM Steve Bagshaw asks us to contemplate what we call ourselves – a question which refuses to die. On the Purchasing Practice Linkedin group this same question is still receiving comments more than 12 months after posting. The answer really depends upon … Read More

Customer Centric Procurement:

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Customer Centric Procurement: Customer Centric Procurement: Companies everywhere proclaim themselves as customer focused and publish statements in their corporate brochures emphasising their commitment to a customer-centric business model, both externally and internally. However, many of these companies have yet to back these statements up by investing in the core capabilities, processes and systems necessary to maximize the opportunity to deliver … Read More

Marketing & Procurement – Natural Partners in Managing the Brand

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Marketing & Procurement – Natural Partners in Managing the Brand Marketing & Procurement – Natural Partners in Managing the Brand – We argue that through their joint focus and contribution to the organisations brands and reputation, Marketing and Procurement should be natural allies. “Our Focus is on markets and brands, but without an effective supply chain, we cannot even begin … Read More