The Brave CPO: Leading on Innovation

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The Brave CPO: Leading on Innovation Innovation Centred Procurement: We explain how CPO’s can make the connection with the top line. What’s in it for you? Increased value from procurement and your suppliers by capturing innovation. Reading time: 15 minutes Preface: Except for a small number of select organisations, the buy side of innovation remains greatly under-exploited which can damage … Read More

Procurement Capability: People Matter Most

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Procurement Capability: People Matter Most Procurement Capability: People Matter Most – There is no shortage of procurement experts prepared to offer their unique recipe for successful procurement transformation. Experts will offer improved processes, better use of technology, the need for management support, yet many procurement functions find lasting success elusive. Why is this? Because it’s the people that matter most. … Read More

Building People Capability in Procurement – Part 3

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Our model provides CPO’s & HR leaders with a systemized methodology to develop a collection of questions, collect the results and analyze the current state of data, processes, incentives, knowledge, capacity, and motives, to generate conversation of how to implement effective behavior change in their organization.

Building People Capability in Procurement – Part 1

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Many procurement functions are finding lasting success elusive because they fall into the trap of relying entirely on technical tools like spend analytics, SRM and so on. They forget transformation does not happen simply by providing the “ingredients”, it’s always the people that are the key factor in creating procurement success.

2013 IBM Study on Procurement Excellence:

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‘An illusion of best procurement practice’? Perhaps it was the fact that this reports findings strongly align to the Purchasing Practice lines of practice that it caught my eye among the daily swirl of procurement news. Or is it just an illusion of best procurement practice?   Large IBM Study Identifies Key Characteristics of Best Procurement Organizations   The report … Read More