The three goals of strategic procurement

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The three goals of strategic procurement – CPO’s must contribute to three strategic goals if they are to influence overall corporate strategy The three goals of strategic procurement Procurement’s Golden Triangle Leading companies are pursuing cost leadership and growth to dominate their industries, and in doing so they create an infrastructure to do it sustainably. Apple is the often cited … Read More

The Brave CPO: Leading on Innovation

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The Brave CPO: Leading on Innovation Innovation Centred Procurement: We explain how CPO’s can make the connection with the top line. What’s in it for you? Increased value from procurement and your suppliers by capturing innovation. Reading time: 15 minutes Preface: Except for a small number of select organisations, the buy side of innovation remains greatly under-exploited which can damage … Read More

Is the Facebook generation the key to procurement’s future?

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It is clear through listening across the blogosphere, that social media is coming to procurement – ready or not. As the profession’s old hands increasingly recruit from the “Facebook generation”, these bright young technology-minded individuals are going to have growing influence on the future of our profession and I believe smart organisation’s will start planning for the upside and downside … Read More

CPO's: Don't miss the innovation opportunity

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CPO’s: Don’t miss the innovation opportunity CPO’s: Don’t miss the innovation opportunity – Businesses are looking once again at the next growth phase. Key to business growth is innovation and it is here that procurement must learn from the missed opportunities of not making the connection to outsourcing. Procurement has achieved great things with the strategic sourcing process. It provided … Read More

Taming the iP Dragon

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Taming the iP Dragon Taming the iP Dragon – Increasingly, international manufacturers are motivated to be in China due to the growing domestic demand of the Chinese marketplace. It is easy to see why when you consider that last year, Chinese consumers bought more auto-mobiles than Americans for the first time in history. Tim Lee, General Motors Shanghai-based president of … Read More

Avatar comes to procurement?

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Avatar comes to procurement? One topic grabbed my attention recently while I was engaged in a discussion over on the Purchasing Practice LinkedIn group covering the future of procurement: the issue of holding supplier meetings in virtual game/life simulation Second Life. A quick Google search highlighted impressive organisations such as Intel, IBM and Schneider Electric using Second Life for workplace … Read More

Procurement Talent: Entrepreneurial Disruptors Required

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Crowd sourcing, cloud sourcing, open innovation – call it what you want. But it represents both a threat and an opportunity to procurement professionals everywhere. Organisations such as IBM, Volkswagen, Unilever and the Conservative party have all made the news recently with crowd sourcing – essentially outsourcing a task to a large group of people through an open call for … Read More

Linking SRM to Open Innovation

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Linking SRM to Open Innovation Linking SRM to Open Innovation – described: “Three Levels of Open Innovation Maturity”. It show’s the close correlation between SRM and Innovation and describes three levels of maturity: Level 1: Externally Aware: Level 1 companies recognize that external ideas and capabilities are valuable in the innovation process. They partner with suppliers and customers throughout … Read More

Procurement’s Golden Triangle for Strategic Impact

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Introduction Increasingly, organizations see Supply Management as a core ‘must get right’ competency. In leading organizations around the world supply management is beginning to take an active role in product innovation and brand management, which require the critical skills incorporated into procurement’s golden triangle. These organizations realize that a large part of their relationship with end customers is in fact, … Read More