Aligning Procurement Skills to Business Strategy

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Aligning Procurement Skills to Business Strategy The ever changing business environment is placing greater demands upon businesses and requires today’s procurement professionals to develop the skills to maintain alignment with the business strategy and to expand procurement’s scope and depth of influence across the business. Aligning Procurement Skills to Business Strategy. Procurements position in many business has been elevated due … Read More

Building People Capability in Procurement – Part 3

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Our model provides CPO’s & HR leaders with a systemized methodology to develop a collection of questions, collect the results and analyze the current state of data, processes, incentives, knowledge, capacity, and motives, to generate conversation of how to implement effective behavior change in their organization.

Building People Capability in Procurement – Part 1

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Many procurement functions are finding lasting success elusive because they fall into the trap of relying entirely on technical tools like spend analytics, SRM and so on. They forget transformation does not happen simply by providing the “ingredients”, it’s always the people that are the key factor in creating procurement success.

Sharpen up your procurement team:

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Many companies underinvest in the purchasing team’s capabilities and exclude them from strategic decision-making processes in favor of functions, such as operations and sales.The lack of importance placed upon procurement, has unintended consequences over time.

Is the Facebook generation the key to procurement’s future?

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It is clear through listening across the blogosphere, that social media is coming to procurement – ready or not. As the profession’s old hands increasingly recruit from the “Facebook generation”, these bright young technology-minded individuals are going to have growing influence on the future of our profession and I believe smart organisation’s will start planning for the upside and downside … Read More

Procurement Talent: Entrepreneurial Disruptors Required

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Crowd sourcing, cloud sourcing, open innovation – call it what you want. But it represents both a threat and an opportunity to procurement professionals everywhere. Organisations such as IBM, Volkswagen, Unilever and the Conservative party have all made the news recently with crowd sourcing – essentially outsourcing a task to a large group of people through an open call for … Read More

Planning for Growth This Hiring Season?

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After winding down for the summer, the silly season is over and its time to start planning your resources for the challenges 2010 will bring. Like most companies, the economic downturn may have forced you to cut back your procurement staff, and you very likely may have lost some star performers. The first few weeks of September can be critical … Read More