Procurement Competency Frameworks

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Competency Framework Impact

Procurement Competency Frameworks Procurement Competency Frameworks: Many businesses are yet to create a scale to measure their procurement team to define their critical success factors – competency. When there is no defined measure of competency it creates confusion and uncertainty about what good looks like and what is expected of people in their jobs. This is because there is no scale … Read More

O Superman: Procurements Kryptonite

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Procurement needs a strong mandate not super developed soft skills Not a week goes by without a talent shortage headline resulting in a great deal of noise regarding the profile of the modern procurement skill set. Here we make the case for CPO’s to focus on securing a strong mandate. The focus on soft skills A common criticism is a … Read More

Theory in Practice – An Experiential model for Procurement E-learning: Part 1

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Theory in Practice – An Experiential model for Procurement E-learning: A three-part guide for procurement professionals and training-mangers to assess how an Experiential model for Procurement E-learning can be a productive part of their professional development. Here in Part 1 we introduce some of the problems associated with e-learning, discuss how corporate professionals learn and propose our solution to E-learning. … Read More