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Value creation by generating results

Training & Development contribute to an organizations value creation by generating results. It is, therefore, essential that stakeholders and participants perceive how crucial, lifelong learning is for them. Their experiences inevitably shape their perceptions.

Experiences provide added value to the individual when the following conditions occur:

  • the intellect and senses are fulfilled by it
  • they create opportunities for socializing
  • they allow one’s identity to be expressed
  • they provide an opportunity for self-realization.

Experience, therefore, must be an integral component of the Procurement Universities primary mission, concerning their pool of participants and stakeholders. Therefore, rather than being seen as merely a service provider, Procurement Universities can be viewed as ‘producers of experiences’.

In ‘evolving’ from the concept of service to that of experience, the users’ emotive and emotional involvement increases sharply. Experiences generate responses to the perception of stimuli, triggering reactions and behaviors in the participants living them and express the relationship between participants and the Procurement University environment.

The difference between services and experiences, then, is not merely one of the ‘terms’ but is the value expectations and perceptions internalized by the users. With this perspective, the role of the Procurement University becomes impacted in an active and participatory manner, with the aim to positively influence participants, concerning its reputation, and attachment to the University brand.

In this context, identity and visual communication elements play a critical role in the significance of the experiential mood of the Procurement University community. The branded signs and visual elements work, together, as “landmark” for the users. There is an added value when these landmarks are coordinated with one another and resonate with participants. So, just as we know people prefer “attractive things,” the also prefer experiences designed and managed with proper communication, which, generate positive emotions, pleasant, long-lasting memories, and come together in real brand value.

Nuff said.

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