Puplic Sector Procurement: Missing strategic intent is "enemy of enterprise"

Dave HenshallProcess

Business ReportSo far I personally have been impressed with Cameron, who has not been afraid to focus on the big issues; PS procurement being one of them. However, his recent remarks condemning public sector buyers as the “enemies of enterprise” are akin to blaming the foot soldiers rather than the generals setting strategy.

There is much the PM can do to bring about change however and for me the proof of the pudding will lie in what comes out of the ERG review.

Whilst this review is likely to bring about structural change it must also seek to change the culture of PS procurement – this is much more difficult to change but the PM plays a critical role. A role which for me has always been lacking in PS procurement.

When you are spending GBP: 220m on goods and services each year it clearly has a significant impact on the economy and should be spent strategically. This strategic intent has always been lacking, so it is here that the PM/Government must provide the strategic goals.

The PS always talks about “Best Value” but without knowing the strategic intent, there is no way of determining what represents best value. This needs to change.

Nuff said …

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