Role based procurement training and competency development is most effective

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When you focus procurement training on a specific role, it’s more likely to be applied, and deliver a strong ROI

Role based procurement training and competency development

From learning to building capability

While a generic “one size fits all” approach can help some team members at the individual level, more often than not it does not make the critical link between role level accomplishments and organization level goals.

Role based training focuses on the roles contributions to organizational goals

CPP Role Based Training Ladder

CPP Role Based Training Ladder

A role based approach can take into account the specific contributions that role makes to organizational goals and focus on the skills and behaviors required to fulfill the roles purpose.

By focusing training as it correlates to required accomplishments, it is far more likely that the participant will be able to apply learning to their role. Particularly if combined with manager coaching activities.

Role-based training takes into account all of these elements and integrates them into training with a tight focus on a specific role. The participant will know how to produce deliverables, follow the process, use the tools and meet the performance requirements of their job.

We employ a role based training approach to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills and behaviors aligned to making a real contribution to the business in their specific roles.

Our training curriculum can be made as granular as required – to get the big picture as well as fine details about activities for a particular role.

Use our Competency Profiling capabilities to develop each roles unique value chain and you have a powerful tool to help define:

  • Learning goals—how can these be aligned with your organizations goals?
  • Assessment—is there a robust assessment framework and cycle in use to measure learning outcomes effectively?
  • Curriculum—what content is required?


Role based procurement training and competency development

The bottom line speaks for itself:

Organizations succeed when they have the right people in the right roles. Companies that outperform their peers at talent management also return significantly more value to their shareholders.

Nuff said …