Procurement: 12 Steps to avoid becoming irrelevant

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Procurement: 12 Steps to avoid becoming irrelevant

Procurement: 12 Steps to avoid becoming irrelevant – Supply Management needs to demonstrate execution excellence and add value beyond traditional cost savings or become irrelevant.

To do this clearly requires alignment with the business goals and objectives and the support of the senior management team. Here are 12 suggested steps supply management can take to make a successful outcome more likely:

  1. Build an effective team
  2. Develop a clear vision of the future and establish a set of core values
  3. Be clear about the business
    • Who we are
    • Who we are not
  4. Identify strengths & differentiators:
    • Customer service
    • Quality over quantity
    • Delivering results
  5. Develop Clear Job Profiles
  6. Develop Selection Criteria for recruitment
    • Behaviors, Talents, Traits, Values, Personality
    • Willingness
    • Skills, Experience, Education
  7. Make sure you are doing the right things, aligned to the business.
  8. Develop effective metrics and measure results
  9. Define added value and get business agreement
  10. Develop and lead with Procurement excellence
  11. Remember persistence beats resistance
  12. Actively seek feedback from both internal customers and supplier’s

Future supply management differentiation will depend on professional empowered staff who are both technically and personal relationship skilled. Progressive supply management functions therefore will need to focus as much or more on their people, their relationships, their business acumen, and their disciplined use of tools, systems, and process.

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