Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments


Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments

The benefits of procurement skills assessments in corporations is that they provide a quick and cost-effective method to collect and centralize your skills data globally. Quickly identify between employees’ current skills and future state needs and where to prioritize development to maximize return on investment.

Formalize your Critical Competencies

When done correctly, your competency framework will communicate and integrate your company’s vision, strategy, and values related to individual and collective performance. Furthermore, it can create a common language and shared understanding to define the skills, knowledge, and behaviors required for successful performance in different positions across the organization.

What are your core competencies?

In Talent Management

Your competency framework provides a common framework for recruitment, selection, performance management, compensation, career planning, development, succession planning, and human resources planning.

It should also link to specific role profiles to define the attributes of a successful procurement professional within your organization’s unique context. Identify the collective competency of your team, and provide improved quality of information on people within (and joining) the organization.

Create a Culture of Evidence

When applied and practiced over time, you will gradually build a ‘culture of evidence’ in which assessment feedback becomes a regular and essential component of learning and program development. Evidence provides an ongoing, usable performance reference for employees.

Identify precisely where knowledge resides

A good assessment makes knowledge visible, enhancing organizational productivity, quality, profitability, and growth. Thereby shaping previous tacit knowledge into a tangible corporate asset for competitive advantage.

Manage Learning and Growth

Assessments enable organizations to establish a baseline and measure ‘learning and growth’ over time. Manage your development ‘S Curve’ over multiple programs to determine “the fit” of current personnel into the future vision.


When used correctly, skills assessments provide benefits throughout the talent supply chain. They can strengthen the recruitment and onboarding process, identify job-related development needs, and support a culture of continuous improvement. By proactively using the assessment data, managers can:

  • increase employee engagement
  • motivate and coach their team to increase job satisfaction
  • improve employee retention, and
  • increase overall productivity from procurement.

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