Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments


Benefits of Procurement Skills Assessments The benefits of procurement skills assessments in corporations is that they provide a quick and cost-effective method to collect and centralize your skills data globally. Quickly identify between employees’ current skills and future state needs and where to prioritize development to maximize return on investment. Formalize your Critical Competencies When done correctly, your competency framework … Read More

Making Category Management a priority:

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Making Category Management a priority To make Category Management a priority, executive teams must provide backing in terms of financial investment, physical resources and visible involvement. We provide 5 steps to making category management a priority in your business: 1. Create a vision, strategy,  business case & ROI: A clear vision for enterprise-wide adoption. Incorporation of key principals Credible business … Read More

Talent management critical to CPO longevity on the job

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Failure to develop a world-class team a factor in shortened CPO longevity on the job Talent management critical to CPO longevity on the job – As procurement becomes increasingly strategic, focused on the long-term, and integrated within the business, talent management becomes a critical success factor for the CPO. Furthermore, in a recent report, a failure to develop talent at … Read More

Procurement Assessments: The problem with selfies

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CPO’s, HR & Trainers should be wary of self-assessments of skill, expertise, and knowledge In the same way that people embellish their CV’s to get a job they also exaggerate their skill set to gain a promotion or raise.  Countless research has shown that self-assessments of skills are often flawed in substantive and systematic ways. The research has found the … Read More

Procurement Skills Gap Analysis: Problems of not completing one

Dave HenshallSkills Gap Analysis

Procurement Skills Gap Analysis: Problems of not completing one: Problems can arise when you don’t have a  procurement skills gap analysis: CPO’s can plan a strategic capability building program that supports their procurement transformation Procurement Skills Gap Analysis: Problems of not completing one – The proactive identification of your procurement teams bench strength is a key requirement for today’s CPO. … Read More

Sharpen up your procurement team:

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Many companies underinvest in the purchasing team’s capabilities and exclude them from strategic decision-making processes in favor of functions, such as operations and sales.The lack of importance placed upon procurement, has unintended consequences over time.