Making Category Management Successful

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Making Category Management Successful Making Category Management Successful is a priority for successful companies worldwide. They work relentlessly to integrate category management business-wide to achieve and sustain success. Here we offer six requirements for making category management successful: 1. Flexibility Recognizing it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach is one key to making category management successful. So it … Read More

Making Category Management a priority:

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Making Category Management a priority To make Category Management a priority, executive teams must provide backing in terms of financial investment, physical resources and visible involvement. We provide 5 steps to making category management a priority in your business: 1. Create a vision, strategy,  business case & ROI: A clear vision for enterprise-wide adoption. Incorporation of key principals Credible business … Read More

Strategies for Procurement Transformation

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Part 1: Strategies for Procurement Transformation: Category Management is a benchmark of procurement best practice and typically at the heart of any procurement transformation. Category Management as an Integrated Business Process Category Management, is one of several elements that need to be integrated and applied business-wide to achieve and sustain success. Category Management links strategic sourcing to the business strategy … Read More

Sell Category Management Benefits to Senior Management

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Category Management can have a positive impact across all areas of the business whether measured by profitability, cash management or balance sheet ratios, reducing cost or supporting growth, category management can deliver appropriate strategies whatever the business cycle.

Category Management: 7 Steps to Establish Governance

Dave HenshallCategory Management, Governance & Alignment

Category Management: 7 Steps to Establish Governance Category Management: 7 Steps to Establish Governance – Strong effective governance defining the way work gets done is critical to implementing Category Management in any organization. Without it turf wars will ensue and the implementation initiative will likely lose its way. So what is Category Management Governance? At its core any governance structure … Read More

The Key Principles of Category Management

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Implement the Key Principles of Category Management If you are interested in making category management a priority, implementing the key principles of category management will help place category management at the heart of your company’s overall business strategy. Here is a bite-size look at the key principles of category management: Category management is founded on five key principles: Cross- functional team approach … Read More