The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances

Dave HenshallStrategy, Thought Zone

Aligning CFO and CPO strategy to manage  organisational debt The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances. A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s to improve liquidity, credit ratings and borrowing capacity What’s in it for you? Strengthen balance sheet and finance fundamentals Reading time: 10 minutes 1. Introduction: As many industries still struggle to find indicators pointing towards sustainable economic recovery, … Read More

The Brave CPO: Mastering Collaboration

Dave HenshallProcurement Excellence, Thought Zone

Collaborations strategic value proposition can unlock the door to innovation and sustainable growth, CEO’s and CPO’s must turn the key A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s on how procurement can play a lead role in partner collaboration to secure a sustainable competitive advantage What’s in it for you? Discover why developing a collaborative capability will support sustainable growth and … Read More

Avatar comes to procurement?

Dave HenshallInnovation

Avatar comes to procurement? One topic grabbed my attention recently while I was engaged in a discussion over on the Purchasing Practice LinkedIn group covering the future of procurement: the issue of holding supplier meetings in virtual game/life simulation Second Life. A quick Google search highlighted impressive organisations such as Intel, IBM and Schneider Electric using Second Life for workplace … Read More

Procurement’s Golden Triangle for Strategic Impact

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Introduction Increasingly, organizations see Supply Management as a core ‘must get right’ competency. In leading organizations around the world supply management is beginning to take an active role in product innovation and brand management, which require the critical skills incorporated into procurement’s golden triangle. These organizations realize that a large part of their relationship with end customers is in fact, … Read More

Beyond Cost Savings

Dave HenshallInfluence, Process

Procurement leaders must broaden the procurement agenda beyond cost savings and focus on growth and added value strategies. Tomorrow’s procurement leaders must link procurement strategies to the businesses drivers for competitive advantage and focus on outcomes that provide advantage for their customers. To do this procurement must become an integral part of the organization’s growth strategy: 1. Create a compelling … Read More

7 deadly sins of procurement:

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CPO’s offten operate in difficult challenging environments. So we produced a list of the sins to avoid: 1. No strategic clarity A strong business case, driven by a clear set of objectives owned by the key senior stakeholders, should be an essential pre-condition for any supply management leader. 2. Lack of sustained leadership at senior management level Supply management fails … Read More