The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances

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Aligning CFO and CPO strategy to manage  organisational debt The Brave CPO: Deleveraging Organisational Finances. A guide for CEO’s, CFO’s and CPO’s to improve liquidity, credit ratings and borrowing capacity What’s in it for you? Strengthen balance sheet and finance fundamentals Reading time: 10 minutes 1. Introduction: As many industries still struggle to find indicators pointing towards sustainable economic recovery, … Read More

The Brave CPO Optimizing Cost for Value Generation

Dave HenshallProcurement Excellence, Thought Zone

The Brave CPO Optimizing Cost for Value Generation The Brave CPO optimizing cost for value generation starts by linking procurement strategies to business goals. By developing a much deeper understanding of their organization’s cost structure and a more strategic approach to managing cost. Their organizations can avoid damaging panic cost reduction programs in difficult times. 1. Introduction: Their organization’s ability … Read More

Procurement Savings: Show me the money

Dave HenshallCost Reduction, Procurement Analytics, Strategic Sourcing

Procurement Savings: Show me the money Discover the missing link to improved bottom line performance through cost transparency and control. Procurement Savings: Show me the money – A guide to turn data into intelligence to secure the bottom-line-savings to drive improved financial performance, greater control and reduced risk. 1. Introduction: Despite all the talk of moving beyond cost savings, the … Read More

Sell Category Management Benefits to Senior Management

Dave HenshallCategory Management

Category Management can have a positive impact across all areas of the business whether measured by profitability, cash management or balance sheet ratios, reducing cost or supporting growth, category management can deliver appropriate strategies whatever the business cycle.

Procurement Thanksgiving

Dave HenshallInfluence

As the US Thanksgiving holiday reminds us all that 2011 is rapidly drawing to a close we take a look at five reasons for procurement to say thanks: 1.    Procurement has had a ‘good recession’ Recessionary times has placed procurement in the spotlight.  Whilst there has been company-wide belt tightening – procurement’s increasing influence over their organizations spend has increased … Read More

Driving savings to the bottom line

Dave HenshallCost Reduction, Strategic Sourcing

Driving strategic sourcing savings to the bottom line Driving strategic sourcing savings to the bottom line – we discuss how procurement leaders secure powerful savings and drive them to their bottom line by  approaching sourcing strategically to deliver and capture cost savings for their organizations.  What’s in it for you? Increased earnings and business efficiency Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction: … Read More

10 Reasons Why Companies Fail to Control Indirect Service Spending:

Dave HenshallStrategic Sourcing

    10 Reasons Companies Fail to Control Indirect Service Spending        Many companies still fail to control indirect services as well as best in class organization.   Here are some suggestions as to why they fail: 1. Tactical, not strategic focus 2. Lack of governance around the services spend 3. Fragmented spend & performance data 4. Inability … Read More

Beyond Cost Savings – Reprise

Dave HenshallInfluence, Process, Strategy

In an earlier post, I talked about the need for procurement leaders to move beyond cost savings. On my travels, it seems that many procurement leaders are still struggling to get their message across. So, if procurement cannot define its value then why should it be taken seriously by anyone else? To close the gap between procurement and the strategic … Read More

Beyond Cost Savings

Dave HenshallInfluence, Process

Procurement leaders must broaden the procurement agenda beyond cost savings and focus on growth and added value strategies. Tomorrow’s procurement leaders must link procurement strategies to the businesses drivers for competitive advantage and focus on outcomes that provide advantage for their customers. To do this procurement must become an integral part of the organization’s growth strategy: 1. Create a compelling … Read More