M&A Value Creation: Bench Strength Assessment Critical

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M&A Value Creation: Bench Strength Assessment Critical – with the right talent assessment and selection process. CPO’s can ensure the right people with the right skills fill carefully defined roles in the expanded organization. Building a world class team bench: 1. M&A Value Creation: Bench Strength Assessment Critical Introduction M&A due diligence in procurement talent is a dangerous corner to cut … Read More

Procurement Thanksgiving

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As the US Thanksgiving holiday reminds us all that 2011 is rapidly drawing to a close we take a look at five reasons for procurement to say thanks: 1.    Procurement has had a ‘good recession’ Recessionary times has placed procurement in the spotlight.  Whilst there has been company-wide belt tightening – procurement’s increasing influence over their organizations spend has increased … Read More

The 'inner buyer': Raising procurement’s self-esteem

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Here we argue that procurement must first adopt the right self-image before it can convince others of its value: First impressions Procurement professionals are indoctrinated into the profession with messages such as:  “you have to take the internal customer along with you”, “you have to persuade them” “you have to get their buy-in first” But what if internal customers are … Read More

Placing the CPO at the top table

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The executive in the organisation to whom the CPO reports plays a vital role in breaking down corporate roadblocks, setting priorities and supporting procurement’s profile within the business. The CPO reporting relationship therefore has an important role in ensuring the effective contribution of procurement to organisational goals and strategies. Significantly, the reporting line sends a clear message regarding the importance … Read More

CPO's: Don't miss the innovation opportunity

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CPO’s: Don’t miss the innovation opportunity CPO’s: Don’t miss the innovation opportunity – Businesses are looking once again at the next growth phase. Key to business growth is innovation and it is here that procurement must learn from the missed opportunities of not making the connection to outsourcing. Procurement has achieved great things with the strategic sourcing process. It provided … Read More

Procurement Must Be Strategic or Die

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Procurement Must Be Strategic or Die Procurement Must Be Strategic or Die – In a post, over on SM Steve Bagshaw asks us to contemplate what we call ourselves – a question which refuses to die. On the Purchasing Practice Linkedin group this same question is still receiving comments more than 12 months after posting. The answer really depends upon … Read More

Procurement Takes the Stage on Capital Markets Day Events:

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As the credit crisis evolves into the new normal, credit has become tighter and one outcome investors and regulators will almost certainly demand is more transparency into the strategy and crucially, the underlying operating and financial performance of companies. Investors are increasingly aware of the impact that procurement and the supply chain can have on overall company performance in supporting … Read More

Procurements Reporting Lines: He who would be king?

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The CFO & CPO are increasingly seen as CEO’s in training.  Yes? Companies such as Wal-Mart, Chrysler and Merck have had CEO’s who had been CPO. This new prominence places the CPO in direct competition with the CFO and other CXO’s for the corner office position. However, that the CEO still predominantly delegates responsibility for supply to the CFO suggest … Read More

Navigating Uncertainty

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CEO’s are managing in uncertain times – their CPO can play a key role in helping them succeed   CEO’s are having to rethink their business strategies in the uncertain times that are the ‘new normal’. Their strategies, usually centred around certain business assumptions or “indisputables” that are driving growth are being tested. None more so than ‘how consumers spend’. … Read More

2010: Lessons for the Recovery

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Its the time of year again where we take a look back and try and assess the last 12 months and think ahead to what awaits us in 2010. In that spirit, we take a look at what we believe represent some of the most important lessons to take into the year ahead: 1.    “Collaborate”: In November we reported how … Read More