How to prepare procurement for true stakeholder buy-in and real transformation

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Organizational alignment holds the key to the boardroom door How to prepare procurement for true stakeholder buy-in: Whether you are a new CPO hired to transform procurement or an existing CPO looking to get true stakeholder buy-in, aligning procurement with the organization will be key to your success. 1. Preparation & Readiness Most CPO’s will understand the strategy to transform … Read More

Strategies for Procurement Transformation

Dave HenshallCategory Management, Procurement Excellence

Part 1: Strategies for Procurement Transformation: Category Management is a benchmark of procurement best practice and typically at the heart of any procurement transformation. Category Management as an Integrated Business Process Category Management, is one of several elements that need to be integrated and applied business-wide to achieve and sustain success. Category Management links strategic sourcing to the business strategy … Read More

The Future of Procurement Scene 1: Commanding the Stage

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The stage is set in the battle for procurements future: The Future of Procurement: Commanding the Stage The Future of Procurement: Commanding the Stage – The future of the procurement function is a hot topic at the moment. Amongst the more insightful outputs comes from Oxford Economics, who recently published the results of a study that shows the evolution of procurement … Read More

Driving savings to the bottom line

Dave HenshallCost Reduction, Strategic Sourcing

Driving strategic sourcing savings to the bottom line Driving strategic sourcing savings to the bottom line – we discuss how procurement leaders secure powerful savings and drive them to their bottom line by  approaching sourcing strategically to deliver and capture cost savings for their organizations.  What’s in it for you? Increased earnings and business efficiency Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction: … Read More

What does procurement actually do?

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In a previous posting on how to win executive support a reader comment highlighted the fact that many procurement professionals still struggle for support and greater recognition, which can – in his terms – damage your “procurement mojo”.  So for those readers who still need to convince a sceptical organisation, here are some tips to help market procurement’s benefits to … Read More

Procurement: Win the support of senior management

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All procurement professionals will have experienced the consequences of not having senior management support at some point in their career. The consequences can wreck promising careers and destroy confidence when things go wrong and you find yourself “on your own”. It is vital therefore buyers have strong organisational awareness and recognise the presence or absence of support for their function … Read More