The Key Principles of Category Management

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Implement the Key Principles of Category Management

If you are interested in making category management a priority, implementing the key principles of category management will help place category management at the heart of your company’s overall business strategy.

Here is a bite-size look at the key principles of category management:

Key Principles of Category Management

Category management is founded on five key principles:

  1. Cross- functional team approach
  2. Strong supply market knowledge
  3. Make change happen
  4. Stakeholder engagement
  5. Facts and data based

These principles rest upon the foundation of governance because successful implementation of category management requires strong corporate governance on two levels:

  1. Program level, where a steering group manages the category programs.
  2. Corporate governance refers to the system of direction and control for your company.

If you are interested in making category management a priority, we can help.

Implement the key principles of category management:

We help you “Implement the key principles of category management” through:

Change Management:

We support your initiatives through performance bench marking, business case development, strategy creation, organizational design and program coordination.

Process Rigor:

Embedding defined processes and world-class materials in category management, strategic sourcing, and supplier relationship management.

Capability Development:

Building high-performance teams through a skills assessment, e-learning, virtual classrooms and face to face training for all who interface with suppliers.


Supporting your program management, team facilitation, performance measurement, benefits tracking and securing financial results.

Our Category Management program is about achieving breakthrough business results through making category management a success.

Nuff said …

If you you would like to learn more about Category Management and how we can support you in implementing the key principles contact us for a conversation.

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