Skills for tomorrows procurement leaders:

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The procurement profession is still in a transitory phase. There are glimpses of the future but still too much deadwood from the past which will need to be chopped before we can say the traditional procurement professional is dead. Consultants have played a key role in lifting procurement to its current lofty peak, so much so I became one myself … Read More

Procurement’s Golden Triangle for Strategic Impact

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Introduction Increasingly, organizations see Supply Management as a core ‘must get right’ competency. In leading organizations around the world supply management is beginning to take an active role in product innovation and brand management, which require the critical skills incorporated into procurement’s golden triangle. These organizations realize that a large part of their relationship with end customers is in fact, … Read More

The 12 Myths of Procurement – Down-Under

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The Australian Purchasing Professional magazine recently published an interesting insight into procurement life down- under, in a paper published by Guy Callender, CIPSA Foundation Professor and Professor and chair of Leadership in Strategic Procurement at Curtin University of  Technology. The paper touches on many issues for the wider professional development worldwide, to which I add a personal perspective below: 1.Introduction: … Read More

Time to Call the Shots in Asia?

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Procurement -online published an interesting article which gave a good insight into the development of procurement in Asia, but also sends a relevant message to those procurement functions around the world that have not yet secured a strong mandate from the board. The article describes scenarios still recognisable by many in Europe or North America – a tale of unrecognised … Read More

Top Ten Priorities for Innovation Centred Procurement:

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Procurement must learn to adapt to the rapidly changing environment modern businesses operate in or risk becoming irrelevant. It is not just about new tools, but about mind-sets and behaviours. Its also about monitoring developments in its external environment that impact their organisations ability to compete and therefore procurements ability to contribute strategically. These changes are about innovation, where technologies … Read More

Staying Centre Stage

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Once the current economic turmoil is over CPOs will need to develop new strategies to maintain executive attention. The economic downturn has highlighted the role procurement can play as a creator of value but many CEOs still view the function mainly in terms of cost savings rather than as enablers of growth. Having gained the attention of the board in … Read More

Director of Supply Chain Finance – Specsavers

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Yesterday, Specsavers placed an add for a Director of Supply Chain Finance. This is a bold move for which Specsavers should be congratulated and reflects the growing importance of Procurement and the Supply Chain. The problem for procurement is that they are seeking qualified accountants to apply for this job, not supply management experts with financial acumen. What do you … Read More

A Foundation of Risk: Supply Managements Other Pillar for Success

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A Foundation of Risk: Supply Managements Other Pillar for Success A Foundation of Risk: Supply Managements Other Pillar for Success – The foundation for modern supply management strategy was built upon Peter Kraljic’s matrix, “portfolio analysis” model.   Kraljic’s matrix added ‘risk’ to the well used Pareto Model and provided the foundation on which many procurement board presentations, organisational designs … Read More